Documentary filmmakers shoot in Salonga

March 11, 2019
Documentary filmmakers shoot in Salonga

From February 18 to March 7, 2019, a film crew from “Giving Nature a Voice” visited Salonga to shoot a documentary about the park.

Giving Nature a Voice is a collaboration between the Aga Khan University in Nairobi and young African filmmakers. The latter were chosen to highlight an African point of view on nature conservation.  So far the 24-minute films have been broadcasted on a main TV channel in Kenya for the last two and a half years and were relayed by an international television network.

DRC episodes are produced in collaboration with Yole Africa, a cultural production team composed of young Congolese artists.

Andrew Tkach, Executive Producer of Giving Nature a Voice is pleased with the stay in Salonga: “The environment is certainly different from East Africa and it is more difficult to see animals because of the type of vegetation but our team had a unique immersion experience in the dense forest”.

The film, scheduled for release around late April, will highlight the efforts being made to preserve the Salonga forest, the scientific work in the field and the support provided to local communities for alternative activities.

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