Presentation of the year’s main results to the community

December 1, 2023
Presentation of the year’s main results to the community

On November 24, 2023, in the meeting room of the park’s headquarters in Monkoto, several representatives of different community organizations in the Monkoto corridor took part in a workshop presenting the main results achieved in 2023 and the outlook for 2024.

Among the guests were 12 traditional and group chiefs, representatives of the Territory Administrator and sector chiefs, 20 representatives of the Local Development Committees (CLD) and other components of civil society.

The presentation made by the rural development manager provided an overview of the main results achieved during the 2023 financial year, which include the purchase of 13 pirogues and fast canoes, the advanced process for the purchase of an airplane, the purchase of navigation equipment, the regular monitoring of bais, the launch of the bonobo habituation program, the start of construction work on ecotourism infrastructures, the training of ecoguards, the restructuring of CLDs and forecasts for the year 2024. The presentation was followed by fruitful and respectful exchanges.

This exchange represented an activity of communication, accountability and social commitment of the programs implemented by the SNP in the areas of community development, infrastructures, research, bio-monitoring and anti-poaching.

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