Assessment of the local development committees (CLDs)

June 4, 2019
Assessment of the local development committees (CLDs)

The Local Development Committee (french acronym: CLD) is an essential part of Salonga National Park’s support to the socio-economic development of the communities bordering the park. CLDs are local governance structures, with democratically elected steering committees for better natural resource management and benefit-sharing of rural and agricultural development

The assessment targeted 25 CLDs in the Monkoto Corridor to understand the strength and weaknesses of their self-management capabilities in order to provide targeted support. As a result 15 CLDs – more than half – function well. CLDs hold regular meetings which are recorded in written protocols, their administrative and accounting management documents are up to date, they organize and carry out community activities with or without the support of park management team. Also in their steering committees at least 30% women are represented. Weaknesses are the management of CLD assets, like cargo bikes, and the mobilization of financial resources, e.g. CLD members to organize evacuation of agricultural products to markets.

The other 10 CLDs still have weaknesses in several areas. Meetings are held rarely or irregularly, written meeting records do not exist and the CLDs assets (cargo bikes, agricultural tools) are not managed.

The assessment provided the rural development team of Salonga National Park with important insights on how to better support the CLDs. Work plans will be adjusted accordingly.

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