Maintenance of the Monkoto-Mondjoku Road

October 15, 2019
Maintenance of the Monkoto-Mondjoku Road

Despite the rehabilitation of 6 wooden bridges on the Monkoto-Mondjoku road in 2018, the state of this road remains very bad with the presence of sloughs, vegetation, erosions and gullies. In July, three local road maintenance committees (CLER) were set up.

CLERs are local structures formed by CLD (Local Development Committees) members elected to carry out road maintenance activities. Each CLER received a set of materials for this purpose

Training had been organized in advance with the support of a consultant to enable CLERs to: supervise road rehabilitation and maintenance works; manage the rain barriers; sensitize and mobilize the local population on the road maintenance works and manage the support they received for road maintenance works.

Improving the condition of roads should facilitate evacuation of agricultural production, particularly from model farms.

The three committees are active on the Monkoto-Mondjoku road and are each responsible for a 15 kilometer section.

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