Six bridges rehabilitated

October 30, 2018

The six bridges on the 50 km road from the park’s headquarter in Monkoto to Mondjoku Station have just been rehabilitated by the park. Through this work the park’s management team supports income-generating activities for local communities as a viable alternative to the illegal exploitation of park resources. The rehabilitation of roads and bridges lifts the difficulties that communities face for transporting their agricultural products.

The rehabilitation of these bridges is the first phase of the park’s intervention. Repairs of other difficult sections of the road will follow along the establishment of structures for the maintenance of the road. The works will focus in two roads: Monkoto – Mondjoko (50 km) and Monkoto – Isandja (107 km) in the corridor.

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Continuous improvement in Salonga’s management efficiency

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Community Conservation Strategy and Environmental Education Plan validated

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November 20, 2018

Further constructions finalized

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