Partners Overview

KfW – on behalf of the German government

Within the framework of Financial Cooperation, KfW on behalf of the German Government, supports the DRC in the biodiversity sector since 2008. The aims of the engagement comprise the protection of biodiversity and tropical forests as well as the improvement of the living conditions of the rural population. Thus, it contributes to the mitigation of climate change and over exploitation of natural resources and helps to increase capacities in the DRC.

Salonga National Park has received financial support through the KfW Forest and Biodiversity Programme since 2016 in particular to enhance and improve the park management, biodiversity protection, and community conservation including environmental education, research, biodiversity monitoring and ecotourism. Construction of buildings and rehabilitation of further infrastructure as well as equipment for rangers have been financed through the programme. By entering into a new funding phase in 2019, KfW and the German Government will underline their long-term commitment to biodiversity protection and national parks in the DRC.