Plans to strengthen fight against wildlife crime

October 26, 2018
Plans to strengthen fight against wildlife crime

A high-ranking delegation from the Corps for the Protection of National Parks and Related Reserves (CorPPN) accompanied by ICCN’s Technical and Scientific Director visited Salonga National Park from 24 to 27 October.

The CorPPN’s aim is to provide an appropriate response to the presence of armed groups in Congo’s protected areas. The current operational resources available to national parks prove to be insufficient to counter the serious threats to wildlife due to the intense poaching perpetuated by these armed groups, which at the same time pose real national security problems.

In Salonga, the generals Maurice Aguru, David Kitenge, Benoit Kisuki and Technical and Scientific Director Jeff Mapilanga continued their inventory of the security situation of the protected areas started in other parks shortly before. The exercise will be continued in all priority protected areas.

The visit served to explain the role of CorPPN to the park management and its technical staff as well as the local authorities and the rangers. The CorPPN will include the rangers currently on duty in Salonga and new ones will be added. New hires will be selected based on tight criteria and benefit from rigorous training in line with the requirements of the effective security of national parks.

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