Two rangers build their skills at the Garoua Wildlife School in Cameroon

October 15, 2019
Two rangers build their skills at the Garoua Wildlife School in Cameroon

As part of staff’s capacity building, Salonga National Park has provided two eco-guards  a scholarship for an 18-month training at the Garoua School of Fauna ( EFG) in Cameroon started in September.

The two beneficiaries (a woman and a man) will study the following subjects: mammalogy, management (fauna and flora), habitat management, botany, ornithology, taxidermy, wetland management, policy-making governance-participative management, military training and first aid.

The park management encourages and supports applications from its staff for high level training. The trainings will thus enable SNP staff to animate or coordinate conservation activities in a participatory approach (with all key actors including the neighboring communities).

Two other Salonga employees who attended Garoua last year are back at their post at the SNP and able to apply their knowledge in their work.

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