Training and authorization of new police officers: a step forward

January 12, 2019

Hervé Kimoni, in charge of legal affairs of SNP, trained 23 rangers who hold the position of police officers of SNP. The trainings took place from October-November 2018. Followed by the trainings, Mr. Kimoni facilitated the authorization of 20 rangers to carry out police work by written oath to the public prosecutor’s office of Boende and Inongo in November and December 2018. The goal of the training was to learn how to improve the quality of recorded protocols, respect of procedures and rights and generally ensuring the legal quality of deeds carried out by the police officers. 

The 23 trained rangers-police officers come from all stations of the park and the mobile unit. The Legal Affairs Officer traveled to Monkoto, Mundja and Boende for the training.  It was organized in 4 sessions in 4 days which focused on the following subjects: General Criminal Law, Special Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminalistics, Writing of Minutes and Human Rights.

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