Radio France International’s (RFI) Planète Radio supports radio stations in Salonga

April 26, 2018

As part of the Rural Development activities and with the support of WWF-Germany, the SNP team had the pleasure of hosting Monkoto and accompanying to Boende Max Bale and Gwendal Mainguy from Planète Radio / RFI from 22 to 26 April 2018. Planète Radio is an initiative of Radio France International (RFI) aimed at giving the “voiceless” the means to express themselves by establishing and supporting participatory community radios, capacity building and adapted programs.

Monkoto owns the “Mopepe Ya Salonga” radio station including some installations which unfortunately do not work anymore. The purpose of the exchanges with the Planet Radio team was to identify the different needs and problems faced by the local radio stations and to determine the involvement of the national park teams in the different programs, particularly the environmental awareness and local mediation components. These constructive exchanges on the modalities and principal of operation shall allow the development of a more global project in the near future. Max Bale notes in his report “There is an urgent need to prioritize the objectives and restructure the methods, with a clear redefinition of the project, in order to ensure a good and lasting functioning of the structures”.

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