Revisiting the seed fields in Monkoto and Oshwe

July 1, 2019
Revisiting the seed fields in Monkoto and Oshwe

As part of the agricultural support to the communities living on the outskirts of the park, the rural development team has set up fields in Monkoto (Tshuapa) and Oshwe (Mai Ndombe) where plant material and seeds are multiplied.

These seed fields make it possible to provide farmers with quality seeds that help increase production in small areas, thereby indirectly contributing to the preservation of the forest.

In Monkoto the assessment of the 8 seed fields was followed by the establishment of nurseries as a next step. The fields are formally turned over to the local development ccommittees with which they were established in the first place by signing of a seed multiplication agreements.

These seed multiplication agreements facilitate the clear attribution of responsibilities of each of the stakeholders and establish the quota to divide and distribute the seeds produced at the multiplication site on the one hand (beneficiary) and park management unit (support program).

Beneficiaries commit to provide land, labor and carry out all agricultural operations until harvest. The rural development team provides technical and material support, namely the provision of tools and improved seeds and plant material.

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