Solar systems installed

October 16, 2018
Solar systems installed

With the help from WWF-International solar energy expert Jean-Philippe Denruyter, technicians of the Salonga National Park Team installed three solar systems to supply staff housing and the guest quarters with electricity. Along with the installation a set of trainings and diagnostics were conducted to better understand the electricity needs in the park’s headquarters, ranger stations and patrol posts. Now the infrastructure team has a clear understanding of the electricity needs and how to satisfy them with appropriate and lasting solar systems.

Installing charge controller, inverter and batteries.

And... It's producing electricity!

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Revisiting the seed fields in Monkoto and Oshwe

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June 4, 2019

Assessment of the local development committees (CLDs)

Work sessions organized with 25 CLDs to evaluate their functioning and strengthen their management capacities.

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June 2, 2019

A new step towards community forestry around Salonga

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